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To start the consignment process, please email pictures of your items to

We will review the pictures and let you know as soon as possible if we can sell them for you.

Once we approve your items, you will call to schedule a time at your convenience to deliver to the store.

We receive items Monday thru Wednesday by appointment only, so don't forget to schedule a time to bring in your items.  If there is no way to use our regular hours we will do what we can to see if we can accommodate your schedule 


When bringing in items to consign or picking up purchased items, please be sure to bring adequate helpers with you to get your items from your vehicle into the store and vice versa.  


Insurance regulations prohibit store employees from helping move items into or out of the store and loading or unloading vehicles.

If you need help delivering your items, we have local delivery services we can recommend with whom you can make arrangements at a reasonable rate.

Remember "clean sells, dirty doesn't". 

To ensure you get the best price and quickest sale for your items, make sure they are clean and in good repair. 

Vacuum, dust and polish.  Touch up scratches or nicks, and generally make sure it is in a condition you would want to purchase if you were the buyer. 

Consignor receives 50% of the sale price when items sell.

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